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Top 10 Super Cool Fashion Trends of 2018

2018 has ended already and our fashion bloggers might be so pumped up to experiment with styles & bring new fashion game in the picture. But before jumping into the fashion trends of 2019, let’s have a look at some super cool fashion trends of 2018. 1.Sweat Pants Who doesn’t want to feel comfortable while looking stylish? If you are …


9 outfits you must try this Navaratri except Chaniya Choli

The festive season is blooming and everyone is pretty much excited about it.Navaratri is around the corner and I am sure you must have started to find thebest chaniya choli for dandiya nights already. Navaratri means nine nights fullof lights, colors, pooja, dandiya, garba, rasleela and what not. And how can we forget chaniya choli? Chaniya Choli is an absolutely …


10 ways to style Checkered Shirt for ladies

Who doesn’t love shirts? And that too checkered shirts, they are like a cherry on the cake. Plaid shirts are absolutely savior when you have that, “I have nothing to wear” mood. We all have at least one checkered shirt in our wardrobe that we absolutely love to wear again and again but how many times are you gonna repeat it? So, …