5 best short Korean dramas to binge watch this weekend

I got into this Korean Drama world pretty much accidentally in the final year of my bachelors. I had a friend who has been trying constantly to covert me into Korean Drama fan but I

I got into this Korean Drama world pretty much accidentally in the final year of my bachelors. I had a friend who has been trying constantly to covert me into Korean Drama fan but I was not ready to give in. One night I was craving to watch something different and I got some Korean movie in recommendation. With the intention of let’s just give it a try, it’s just the matter of an hour only I started watching it and from then it is never ending process. You just need to start off with something Korean and I am sure you are not going to stop later. So, here are 5 Korean web series (short dramas) especially for those who wants to explore this crazy Korean world but don’t want to get into long series of 20 episodes in the beginning.

Korean Web series No. of episodes
Splash Splash Love 02
Go Ho’s Starry Night 20
If we were a season 01
Page turner 03
To be Continued 10

1. Splash Splash Love

No. of Episodes: 02

IMDB Ratings: 7.8/10

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Time Slip

Splash Splash love is my personal favorite in the list. It has everything to keep you hooked up to your screen. This historical Korean Web Series has drama, romance, comedy, suspense and a little bit of action here and there. You would start loving main leads as soon as first episode finishes and their chemistry in upcoming episodes is just worth watching. A long story with twist and turn is definitely treat for the eyes. A girl from 21st century who hates mathematics travels back in the time and helps the king who is crazy about mathematics to innovate the new theories and the romance developing in between is something you won’t be able to get out of your mind easily. This Korean web series is the perfect watch when you have no time for long one hour episodes and wants to watch something quick and fun. A highly recommended one for everyone especially for Rom-com lovers.

2. Go Ho’s Starry Night

No. of Episodes: 20

IMDB Rating: 7.8/10

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Drama

I was not hoping much from this one but as I started watching I couldn’t help but to finish this Korean Drama within just two days. Though no. of episodes are twenty, time duration is short that you can binge watch and finish it within two days just as I did. I am so sure that once you start it you won’t stop until it finished. The lead actors became my favorite then and there. An office romance drama with love triangle, no, no it is pentagon or may be hexagon. Hahaha…I don’t know how it should be described. May be you can figure it out by watching it yourselves.  Our pretty lead lady lead has some another level messy love life in this Korean web series and one can simply burst into laughter after watching her confusions and solutions to them. I would give it 4 stars out of 5. This star rating has a connection with this starry Korean drama. Go and find it yourself.

3. If we were a Season

No. of Episodes: 01

My Drama List Rating: 8.2/10

Genre: Melodrama

All the one sided lovers and having a crush on someone squad attention please. This is not exactly a web series but one hour drama special story. This Korean Drama was a part of short dramas aired by (KBS2-a South Korean Channel) each week having different short stories. I am including it here to rejuvenate your school life first love, first crush kind of memories. The story is about two friends who help out each other to settle in the school and one of them gradually started developing feelings for the other one. The best thing about this Korean drama is, the moment you feel you have figured out the story is when things start taking the unexpected U turn and climax is also definitely shocking. Give it a shot and let me know how you like it?

4. Page Turner

No. of Episodes: 2

IMDB Rating: 8/10

Genre: Music

So, let’s take a break from love stories for a while and get into something motivational, somehow concerned to real life and yet fun to watch. Again it’s a high school drama musical drama of three students out of them two are piano player and one is a sportsperson. An unexpected tragedy happens with two of them and then they somehow get into contact with each other and try to become a page turners in each others life. This Korean Drama is worth watching especially when you are feeling low & getting thoughts like, “Oh God, “why me”? “Life is so unfair to me.” etc. This Short Korean we series will definitely motivate you. Characters are so engaging, their friendship, jealousy, fights, dramas are enough to hook you up to this drama.

You can binge watch this Korean drama here:

5. to be continued..

No. of Episodes: 10

IMDB Rating: 7.2/10

Genre: Mystery

This Korean Web Series is the story of high school friends with supernatural touch in it. Again it is a time slip drama. A group of friends who have completed their school life and achieved whatever they wanted in life keeps travelling back in the time. Only a girl among them could remember that they keep going back in the time and coming to the present again and again. To find what mystery lies in their going back in the past and then coming back again and again, you have to watch the drama. There are still many questions unanswered in my mind after watching this Korean web series.  Let’s see what you guys think about it. Watch the series and then come back here to discuss what you think about it.

So, these were my favorites from the Korean Web Series list. I am pretty much into full-length Korean stuffs usually. I recently started watching short Korean web dramas. Let me know how many of these have you already watched or planning to watch this weekend in the comment section below. Also suggest me some more good Korean web series which are your favorite. Let me know if you want an article on my favorite Long Episodes Korean Dramas too.

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