10 ways to style Checkered Shirt for ladies

Who doesn’t love shirts? And that too checkered shirts, they are like a cherry on the cake. Plaid shirts are absolutely savior when you have that, “I have nothing to wear” mood. We all have at least one checkered shirt in our wardrobe that we absolutely love to wear again and again but how many times are you gonna repeat it? So, ladies let’s make it possible and fun by styling your same checkered shirt in 10 different ways and look different every time you wear it.

1. Pair it with Spaghetti

It is the most simple and popular way to style your checkered shirt. You just need to be careful about the color combination. Black spaghetti is the most popular choice among girls and ladies but you can experiment and play with colors. Something, like shown in the picture, is totally cool and casual too.

2.Pair it with Shorts

Wear your checkered shirt with denim shorts to give yourself cool, funky and glam look.  This can be your go-to look for casual hangouts with friends. Accessorized it properly and you are ready.

3. Pair it with Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts are mostly preferred for a formal look but you can pair your plaid shirts with them. It’s up to you how you want to style it? By choosing right checks, color combination and contrast you can totally go for formal as well as casual with this look.

4.Pair it with Long Skirts

Checks and long skirts go really well together. Carry this look wherever you want and you can never go wrong. Something like in the picture is totally cool and funky.

5.Tie a Knot

This look is my personal favourite. Just tie a knot at the front and pair it withanything like jeans, denim shorts etc. It’s simple yet super stylish look andlooks amazing with checkered shirts.

6.Tie around a Waist

This is something like killing two birds with single stone. If you have styled yourplaid shirt with spaghetti then this look can easily be pulled off. Just wrap it around the waist and tie a knot and you are ready to breathe freely in summers especially and yet look totally funky and cool.

Tie around a waist
Image Source: Google

7.Cold Shoulder

Cold shoulder was quite in trend and the craze still going on. From tops to kurtis, one -pieces, evening gowns, saree blouses, everything is just going coldshoulders. Then why should checkered shirt left behind? Plaid shirts with cold shoulders are pretty decent. Have a look here.

Cold Shoulder Plaid Shirts
Image Source: Google

8.Wear with Jackets

Though this is not very popular look you can give it a shot in winters. Wear jacketswith your plaid shirts and fold sleeves around the sleeves of a   jacket. Somethinglike this picture can be worth given a try.

With Jackets
Image Source: Screenshot from Youtube

9.With Gowns & One-Pieces

This is something I discovered recently and totally loved it. Checkered shirts look really cool with one-pieces especially when they are plain and not multi-colored. And it’s a cool way to get escaped when you are in no mood to get waxed and yet want to wear your sleeveless dresses.

with gowns and one pieces
Image Source: Screenshot from Youtube

10. With Accessories

Yeah, accessories can do wonders with simple outfit sometimes. Just pair your plaid shirt with the right accessories like hats, sunglasses, bracelets etc. ideal look for getting your traveling pictures on point.

With Accessories
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So, here are my 10 ways to use that one checkered shirt in multiple ways. Let me know in comment section what you liked the most and how you style your checks?

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