Top 10 Super Cool Fashion Trends of 2018

2018 has ended already and our fashion bloggers might be so pumped up to experiment with styles & bring new fashion game in the picture. But before jumping into the fashion trends of 2019, let’s have a look at some super cool fashion trends of 2018.

1.Sweat Pants

Who doesn’t want to feel comfortable while looking stylish? If you are one of them then sweat pants is just the right choice for you. By the end of 2018 sweat pants have become really popular and our tik-tok girls were the major reason behind it.

Sweat Pants
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2.Tiny Glasses

Tiny glasses were really a thing among celebs this year, especially our TV celebs. Well, you could spot many of them wearing tiny glasses while chilling in summers.

Tiny Glasses
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3.Crop Tops

Another major fashion trend loved by ladies in 2018 was crop tops and is still very popular among girls. Girls experimented it with quite a few things like midi skirts, maxi skirts, shorts but pairing crop tops with high waist jeans was quite trendy in 2018.

Crop Top
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Hoodies were like craze among young crowd this year. Thanks to our tik-tok stars and Instagram influencers. A hoodie can also work as a super comfy top for you. Just pair it up with high waist jeans or shorts and your super cool outfit is ready.

Image Source: Instagram

5. Jackets

Jackets are something that never goes out of trend. Just it’s way of styling changes with every changing season. This winter people styled it with sweatpants, crop tops & shorts more often.

Image Source: Instagram

6. Maxi Dresses

One of my favorite from the list. Maxi dresses are perfect when you want to have that semi-casual kind of look. Maxi dresses were quite loved by girls in 2018.

Maxi Dress
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7. Bo-Ho Jewelery

BO-HO jewellery got a lot of attention in 2018. Bo-Ho was loved by almost every fashion blogger this year. BO-Ho jewelry which is quite popular as an Oxidised jewellery can be your best earring to wear with lehenga choli for this wedding season.

Bo-Ho Jewelery
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8. High-Waist Jeans

Jeans should be the must outfit in your wardrobe. It is your fashion saviour all the time. 2018 highlighted high waist jeans into the picture more. Crop-tops with High Waist jeans were quite a thing in 2018 and it is still going on.

High Waist Jeans
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9. Cold Shoulders & Off Shoulders

The best way to flaunt your collar bones and sexy arms is off shoulder and cold shoulder dresses and blouses. One of the viral fashion trend of 2018 and loved by almost every other girl.

Cold Shoulder
Image Source: Google
Image Source: Google

10. Highlights

Coloring and highlighting hair is always a thing for girls but 2018 showed massive love of girls for highlights and hair colors. A variety of different shades, colors were the highlights of fashion trends of 2018.

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So, tell me in the comment section that how many of these fashion trends have you followed last year or were planning to follow but couldn’t. And what you want to try this year.

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